Blue Hole OCB

I’m looking for info on my Blue Hole Canoe

Model OCB #021

Serial # TBH 08707 M80A

I know it was made in Sunbright Tenn and that Merrimack Canoe put on the wood trim. I purchased my canoe during the NOC fall equipment sell off from a couple on the side of the road, back in the mid 80’s.

When was it made?

Can’t find much on the OCB’s and no pictures on the net. I’ve got some pics and will post when I figure out to do so.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

You could try Evergreen, I has an
Evergreen and the guy I sold it to said it was a Blue Hole


Blue Hole-Year
plaidpaddler-Thanks, I thought so, but wasn’t sure.

Anyone care to suggest a value on this canoe?? It’ shows use for sure, but still in good shape despite, what, 32 years of age.