Blue Hole Sequel

11 foot playboat by Blue Hole.

Anyone paddled one?

Opinion, impressions ???


You are too big for it.

Boatertalk Boat?
If so I saw it and wondered the same thing. First time I’d heard of that boat. Saw an inordinately large number of Blue Holes on the Buffalo Friday and Saturday, at least two not counting mine. One was stunningly beautiful and didn’t have the lines of the OCA. It was green and the gunwales and deck were wood and the boat looked like it was in the water for the first time. Pete?

No, found it on a craigslist search.

Had never heard of that model Blue Hole before.

No reason I should; I’m not a “playboater”.

Was just curious.

What I’m really trying to find is a Whitesell Descender, and/or a Whitesell Whirlwind, in primo condition. Yeah, I know! Dreamer…


Whitesell Whirlwind

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I also paddled a friend's Whirlwind a few times. It, like the Blue Hole Sequel, was designed by David Sherrill. I really liked the Whirlwind quite a bit. But it is a bigger boat than the Sequel.

Gordon Black when he was head of instruction at NOC back in the 1990s had a Sequel and I paddled it once. Gordon was a pretty good sized, fit guy and I am guessing went around 200 lbs or so, possibly a little more. He liked it for play but felt it was a bit small for his size. Needless to say, Gordon was an extremely skilled paddler.

I don't remember a whole lot about it other than it felt pretty "sporty". I have heard larger paddlers complain about it lacking primary stability and being a bit wet. There are a handful of boaters who really like it, who seem to be of small to moderate size.

Thanks Pete…
I’m familiar with Gordon Black.

A big ole boy!

You don’t fight guys his size; you sneak up behind them with a Louisville Slugger.

He was one of my instructor/trainers at a recertifications I did as Canoeing Instructor, and Swiftwater Rescue Intructor, on Wolf River in Wisconsin in the late 1990s.


I ran across a Sequel
on Boatertalk and assumed it was the same boat. Could be another one I guess, but that seems unlikely. Probably just listed more than one place.