Bluewater Saugeen 16/6 re-finish


Picked this canoe up a few years back, it was very weathered but seemed like a decent price. I was told it was “kevlar” but thinking this is not the case (weighs in at close to 70lbs).
Nevertheless, it paddles well and have not had too much trouble portaging on the trips I’ve taken it on.

I’d like to patch up some of the scratches, gouges on the hull and have attempted a buff to gloss up what I thought was gelcoat. I am seeing evidence that it isn’t, but not sure. Upoin closer inspection and removal of the nose end caps I see three layers, dull grey then green then red, which leads me to believe it was originally painted green on top of grey primer, then at some point re-painted over the green with red paint.

Any Bluewater experts here? Do they not do gelcoat or did they not in the past?

If indeed not gelcoat, I’d like to repaint. Thinking of patching with a body filler, then a 150 then 220 grit sand over the old paint, and then a few coats of marine polyurethane or an epoxy paint. Any advice or opinions
on that?