Bluz Cruz

Has anyone here paddled the race in Vicksburg in april? I have been to the website but was hoping to get a little more info. Is there many racers that are there just to be part of the event and not really into racing very much?

I’m one

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I haven't paddled this but the website sounds like it could be a fun weekend.

I don't know how many will attend because of the length but it is an excuse to get together and paddle for some. Participation also depends on what goes on or after directly related to an event. I participate for personal pleasure and consider that winning. Racing isn't important to me however events such as these liven groups up.

Bluz Cruz
I have paddled the race since it started.

I have always had a good time and seems well run. There will be people from 4 or 5 states, it has the serious racers and has the floaters.

The Ms.River is a pretty wild river with the strong currents and then the barge traffic that adds to the excitement.

they have safety boats to watch over you during the race.

There are parties after the race but I`m usually gone by then.

also check out
Also check out the Mississippi Phatwater race.

It’s a fun 48 mile race that runs about 5+ hours. They have a special award for finishing in under 5 hours. Broad range of racers show up.

my wife and I will probably do it again this year. we’re both solo paddlers.

Also check out the Missouri 340 a race from kansas city to St. Louis in july.

The roster is full already but they are starting a wait list, in anticipation of paddlers canceling out between now and July.

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