Boat bags

I was thinking of buying a boat bag for my Bell Magic for next season. I know the Bag Lady is one source, but anyone have experience with others?

Background: I sometimes leave my boat on my car for upwards of a week due to my storage situation. I need a cover that is interstate-worthy, as I understand the Bag Lady’s are.


Dannuu boat covers

Also interested in canoe transport cover
for my Wenonah Advantage and Whisper.

It would have to be capable of handling highway speeds,

Able to be mounted on the canoe while the canoe is already on the car,

Have the canoe carry handles accessible for bow & stern tie downs.

Do either the Bag Lady or Danuu covers meet those criteria?

I have Bag Lady’s
Cover for my J200. I never tried put in on with boat on truck but I guess it could be done. Yes to rest of the questions. I will say Bag Lady covers fit like a glove.

I’m not sure how I’d get the boat on the
car if the bag is already on it. It seems like it’d be kind of hard to get hold of.

Sew your own (?)
I’ve done 3 kayak covers. All have thousands of highway miles. It’s kind of fun, if you’re into this kind of thing… Seattle Fabrics is a great resource for marine fabrics. Check their closeouts/specials and you usually find some good bargins. They also have UV resistant outdoor (sail making) thread. You can’t find that at your local sewing store.

Sue uses a jersey type of material
Its not slippery. I have three of her bags (Bag Lady) and there arent many paddlers who put on more miles than I do. I have a Yakima Hi Tower system on my Tundra and can (though I am not much over five feet) load my bagged boats on it.

The one caveat is that sometimes the cross ties get hung up on the gunwale brackets.

I have a used(2 days)mint…

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Have Danuu's 16'8"..either it's a Tubby or Skipper?...anyways it fit my Advantage... It's in mint condition..well made...straps & buckles mint.
Let me know if you'd like some pics...I can get some in the morning.
Yanoer...Yes, the straps are long enough to tie wherever..and the cover is wide enough to wrap around fully while boat is tied down.
Travels well...was happy with job it did.


4500 miles
Last month I drove to Miami and back with four canoes using Dannuu covers. I95,I78,I81,I26,I4,I75. 70mph plus. No problems. Bags are in great shape. Today they leave Vermont for Maryland and Virginia.


since there are lots of sloppy bags
out there thats good news.

My bags (OK this is sorta sounding weird) are 10 years old and in great shape…save for one wear spot on one bag from gunwale brackets.

I put on maybe 25000 miles a year hauling bagged boats. The only “gripe” I have is that the covers dont want to wash well…I think that there is some oil in road grit which complicates cleaning.

a question about bags for storage
So about these bags: can you store your canoe in one to prevent UV damage? I have to store my Royalex canoe outside – usually it’s in the shade but sometimes not. I’ve only seen pictures of a boat bag (Tyvek?) in an ad. Thanks for any info.


it should
that’s the main reason i use one for C1 boats, to protect the carbon from UV rays.

so no downside? thanks for info, kanulif
any reasons not to store in a bag?

If your boat has a circumferential bag critters like to nest in it over the winter. I have found birds nesting in my boat in the spring and mice over the winter.

I have heard that ABS and som plastics can discolor if there is not sufficiant ventilation.

The Bag Lady now carries a waterproof breathable fabric for covers that eliminates that problem.

(She does covers for more than canoes…like sailboats and tractors etc)

…was pondering that…

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All I ever had to do was to put 4 little blocks of wood or something atop the keel when resting on horses with cover over....but I usually keep uncovered when garaged anyways.