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Want to buy bandsaw to make lumber (2"x6" and smaller) from 6" to 8" trees from my wood lot.Don't know much,except that iv'e got lots to learn.
Any input about sizes,brands,etc. would be a great help.Book keeper says"keep it under $3,000.00!"
I see boats growing every i look at the trees.
And thanks.

talk to these guys then go to the on-line forum-Building-Repairing

You’ve basically got two options. The best one would be a small portable mill. Trouble is that even the little ones aren’t cheap. You might luck up and find a used one or something. The smallest new ones go for at least $10k. It’s really the best option though, cause they’re made to handle “trees”. They have a “feeder table” or conveyor to hold the lumber, and they’re gonna be more prone to cut straight, do it fast, and do it safely than a shop type saw.

But, if you head to the shop saws, look for the largest one you can find. Powermatic makes on that will handle 14" in height and 24" in width. The large shop saws, depending on brand, accessories, etc. will be close to your budget. The big tricks are gonna be finding one with a fat enough blade to cut the logs and rigging up a feeder table for the thing.

Have fun with it. I’ve always dreamed of buying a portable mill & quitting my “real job” to be a sawyer of sorts. I’ve got a friend that does it and he’s actually making a reasonable living at this point. (check out

Oh Boy… Watch Out Trees…
another wooden boat builder… :slight_smile:

If you got a big wood lot, a portable mill may be a route to go if you plan on building more than just a boat. Another possible solution is that if you’re out in the boonies is to look for a local mill that may willing to cut for you.

Up near my camp in ME, used to be a small local mill that did that. Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep up with the competition of larger mills and went under. It was too bad because local folks were able to go there for custom (green) lumber pretty inexpensively.