boat building

i am interested in boat buildig workshops, does anyone know of any schools, etc. that offer this kind of instruction? i am generally in the northwest and midwest (michigan)

Definitely…check out:

They are a great group of folks who do have workshops for building canoes and kayaks. However they ae in NH. BUT…don’t let be of concern as they have a few fantastic videos that take you step by step…and sell complete kits to build canoes. Between the excellent kits they sell, the excellent videos regarding the entire building process, and their excellent phone support…at least give them a call.

Post a pic after you have completed your beautiful canoe.

I just finished my second kayak, a skin on frame…has been an extraordinary experience…loving every minute of it.



what kind of boat?

thanks bob!
hi bob!

thanks for the suggestion. congrats on your new kayak!


SOF building

try Al Gustavson use to have classes.

just a guess
The man lives in Michigan.

When he said “northwest” I’m sure he was thinking of the 1830s version of the northwest and not the modern northwest which includes the state of Washington, which is 2,000 miles away from Michigan.

Al is Good,
He is a good source of materials and really knows his stuff.

He is in St. Paul Minnesota