Boat choice

I’m 5’10", but quite thin at only 140-150lbs. I’ve been kayaking for 3 years and am going to invest in my first kayak for day touring. Problem, my height usually requires a larger boat, but then I am swimming in the rest of it, but smaller boats (LV) don’t give me any leg room. Any suggestions for types of boats?

leg room

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It may be a matter of getting used to a different fit. I'm roughly your size, and like the "locked-in" feeling I get in a smaller boat. Swapping footpegs for a bulkhead footrest will give you more leg position options.

Is the problem length or thighbrace clearance?

Custom bulkhead placement?
Can you go new? Some manufacturers will custon place the forward bulkhead, like NDK and I think Wilderness Systems on their Tempests. They usually do that to shorten the leg room, but it seems that they should be willing to go in the other direction as well. Maybe the Nigel Foster boats by Seaward - don’t know.

If you are skinny you may still prefer the dimensions of the smaller or slimmer cockpits.

Should not be a problem
P&H Vela, NDK Romany (possibly LV), etc…

I’m 6’ and was able to squeeze into a Vela and brace on the bulkhead. The Romany is a pretty low volume boat. I weigh 165 and there’s not much free board when I’m paddling mine and I’m bracing off 4" of foam