Boat color and fishing

I know the lure color makes a difference, but does boat color when fishing from a yak? I’m interested in buying a new yak for fishing in a mango color. I like it, and the not-too-bright jetskiers around here would see me (hopefully!). Everyone I’ve talked to says to get a dull color for fishing. Is this true or an old fisherman’s tale. I keep thinking of those hideous metalflake bass boats from the 70’s and 80’s - apparently they weren’t too ugly for the fish. Any ideas?

Everything I’ve heard or read suggests that boat color does not matter to the fish. And if you are sharing the water with jetskiers than I definitely think you are wise to buy the brightest color available.

If fishing from a dull color boat was better than from my canary yellow scupper. wow…

Boat color
All of my kayaks have been yellow, red or orange. I’ve never had a problem catching fish. Often I’ll see them cruising around right under the kayak and they usually hang around long enough for me to cast to them too.

Get the mango boat. Better for you to be seen by the jack@sses on jetskis. Case in point. I watched two kayakers about a month ago. One was in a bright colored boat with yellow bladed paddles. The other was in a slate gray boat with white bladed paddles. It wasn’t long before the gray boat “disappeared” and I could only see him when his white paddle blade caught the sun. The other boat was visible up to a half mile away. And I could see the paddle blades even further.

Doesn’t matter
Get a bright color kayak so you will be seen on the water. I’ve been out with other that used a dark color kayak and they always had to keep on waving there bright color paddle blade whenever a boat came close. As for me I have a yellow kayak never had any problems with boaters coming close because they saw me from a distance. I’ve also fished flats and had stripers swim underneath my kayak in 4ft of water without spooking them.

bright color!
I’ve paddled through schools of tarpon and right over bonefish before they noticed me. I have an orange drifter, my wife has a red swing, we just bought a red mad river adventure 16. Fish didn’t seem to mind. Lots of ID10T boaters & jetskiers in south florida. Now if they choose to target you at least they can see you better! ;->

Boat color does not make a differance. It is noise and movement that will scare fish.

Aquadive-Mango color is great! Like the
others have said-noise, movement, not color, spook fish. Kayak drifting silently along will get you into more schools than you can believe.

Yum Yum Yellow
They say bright yellow attracts Great White Sharks. They are fish after all…

I fish a green 13.8 OT, but I mostly troll with flys, so my boat is 100 to 200 feet from the fly. The film I saw on great whites at the Falons used a white surfboard without fins and a black surfboard with fins and the whites liked them both. My only advise on color is don’t wear a white wifebeater t-shirt, they look tacky.

get a yellow one…
and paint “Floating Speed Bump” on the sides.

Boat Color and the fish’s view
Lets look at it this way! If you wer nestled in your favorite ambush spot awaiting lunch to pass on a bright afternoon. Would w dark object or a bright object be inclined to stand out against the sky.

It depends upon the waters and conditions. I prefer light color for most angling in 15 feet or less water. Look at what is your preferred background and change places with the fish.

Grandpa told me
while we were sitting at the bar that the best color for a fishing boat was RED. I have a red kayak and have not had any problems catching fish.

Grandpa is never wrong.

Pertinent Question
Do fish like mangoes?

I paddle a yellow SOT (Cobra tourer) and have actually watched fish (crappie mostly) follow and stay in my shadow on real hot bright days. Also yum yum yellow in regards to sharks is simply not true. First there really isn’t anything bright freaking yellow in their food chain. Second there is no reports of anyone ever getting bumped, attacked, etc. in a yellow yak. If your really worried about sharks consider a yak of 14’ or more. I believe there is also no reports of a bump or attack on 14’ or longer yaks. I think most bumps (because I can’t recall any actual attacks) occur on yaks in the 9’ to 13’ range and on red,blue,black and camo color the most. Also and most important I don’t think there are any documented deaths related to sharks attacking a kayak underway. Now anchoring and getting out of the yak is a different story.


I use a Tarpon 120 in an Olive (dark green)… just cause I like the color.

Good Fishin’