Boat demo's in Atlanta

Where could I find the best selection of touring boats within 2 or 3 hrs drive from Atlanta? I would also like to know of any upcoming events where a lot of different boat makers might be showing their products.

Try Go With the Flow
in Roswell. They’ve got a bunch of boats.

the outside world…
they are near the outlet mall north down Ga 400, lot’s of hulls

I bought my first canoe from these guys…

Outside World

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If that's the place I'm thinking of, they've got an indoor pool. You can't paddle much (the pool's maybe 20 feet long/wide) but you can sit in and get a feel for the boats. I was in there a year or two back.

Your profile says you're in Alabama. Have you been to Alabama Small Boats in Helena (SW of B'ham)?

Where are you???

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There are 3 places within an hour from downtown Atlanta.
High Country on Roswell Road
Go With The Flow in Roswell, Ga
Outside World up Ga 400 (the farthest)
but why don't you go to Terrapin Outdoor Center in Piedmont, Alabama just south of Centre. They have the biggest selection I have ever seen.

Sorry all the big demo days are over.


Sea Kayak Georgia
on Tybee Island about 30 minutes east from Savannah. Their weekends are busy, so call ahead and let them know what you are after and they will arrange the rest.

Terrapin vs Alabama Small
Does Terrapin have more in stock than Alabama Small Boats? They (ASB) must have had well over a hundred boats when I was in there a month or so ago. Never been to Terrapin…

Oh yes.

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I think Terrapin said they had 135+ boats a couple of weeks ago when I was there. What a place. They had so many different canoes & kayaks I went into overload. I almost bought the 3 Kestrels they had. I have never seen so many different canoes and kayaks in one place.

Alabama Small Boats
They hava a heck of a selection and they have some nice sales if you check out

Terrapin and ASB
I really like dealing with Terrapin, as a matter of fact I had them order me a Dagger Cortez 16.5 a couple of years ago. Terrapin has a lot of boats but they’re mainly rec boats and canoes with some WW models. They’ll order whatever you want, but if you want to try out longer “sea kayak” type boats, I would suggest ASB.