Boat for beg. tripping (and Canoeing)

Recently I’ve taken a hankering to try Canoeing.

So the market in my area is decidedly sit-on-top… fisher folks, sea kayaks, and things of that nature. Recently I’ve taken a hankering to try Canoeing.

I want to give it an honest try so I’m looking for a used boat. I live right next to a river tributary that people Kayak, Canoe, and Powerboat around on all the time so it’s a perfect place for practice. Since I’m interested in tripping, if I’m going to spend a couple hundred from an outfitter I might as well do the same in a used boat…

Anyway the Canoes in my area used seem to be locked in the 14’ length, also some 17ft Grumman aluminum beasts. In particular I have my eye on an Old Town 14’ that comes at a great price.

My girl and I weigh less than 200lb together, would this be a decent canoe for tandem on river trail day trips and maybe an occasional weekendish+ trip? Or will space and difficulty of paddling be an issue (packed)?

Less than 200 pounds, together?!?
Even so, a 14’ canoe is worse than marginal for tripping. As you imply, there just isn’t much room for camping gear in a short boat. Be patient and watch for a 16 or so.

I’ve been camping in a 14 ft
It can be done but it would be really tight with two people.

If you’re looking at one of the boats with the built in “cooler” as a third seat I’d rather have the 17’ aluminum, but me and my daughter and a small dog did alot of day trips in one.

An Old Town What?
As the previous poster mentioned, 14’ is not really a tripping canoe. And more important, what Old Town? They have many boats that are appropriate for various uses. Some make decent tripping boats, some are excellent tripping boats and some are totally inappropriate for any sort of tripping.


and check Padnet Classifieds

Any canoe will work

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Bottom line is that nearly anything can be done in any canoe.The question is whether it's a good idea and will it be fun using a canoe for something that it wasn't designed for?

I have better boats now
and only paddle the old dog for river cleanups so the kayakers have someplace to throw the big crap

But by the time I got better canoes my daughter wasn’t interested in paddling with the old man anymore.

Buy one of the 14’, go paddling and sell it next month for what you paid.

Old Town makes a great boat. Look for
a flat bottom that has great initial stability. Check for oil canning of the hull, rot under the gunnels. Polylink 3 is a great material but heavier than Royalex.

You’ll have plenty of other boats so just get out there.