Boat found in Schuylkill River

Boat found 1/5/07 in Shuylkill River, Norristown Pa. Send me an email and a box of tissues if it is yours, because I would have loved to have kept it.

any chance
the owner is in trouble (or worse) in/on/near the water?

what kind of boat?

Notified police. No one missing. No other items found. Found a few days after some local flooding points to a boat not tied down. Cliff

Any sign it was registered?

Probably not if it was a back yard boat.

Any name of who sold it,like a retailer decal?

If its a grumman call Reading Boat works.

I’ll ask a few people I nkow on the river,but I,d bet you got a new toy.

Reminds me
to put some contact info on my kayaks.

Reminds me of when a sculler at
Vesper Boat Club decided to see how high upstream he could row. He got up to Manyunk (I believe), hit a rock, and split the cedar. So, he called Vesper boathouse where most of us were done sculling or lifting, and were about to hit the showers.

Two of us got an outboard, normally a coaching launch, and headed up into the strong, brown current. Night was falling, and by the time we reached the single and the sheepish sculler, we were navigating by streetlights and advertizing lights from the north bank.

We got the single drained and up on the launch, but then maybe we hit a rock, because the shear pin did what it was designed to do to save the prop.

Next step. No cell phones in the 60s. Two of us stood at the sides of the boat and used the long sculling oars to work the boat downstream. After a rather long time, we came to Wissahickon Creek (am I spelling it right after so long?) and pulled up to the dock of the Philadelphia Canoe Club. One person called Vesper for a larger launch, while the rest of us goggled at all the historical craft hanging from the ceiling.

The guy who crashed the single subsequently tried flatwater kayaking at PBC. He might have been good at it, as he was more upper body than legs, but he just drifted out of the flatwater boat racing scene altogether, as did I.

for having the integrity to inquire regarding ownership. Some people wouldn’t have bothered.

It takes years to gain integrity but only once bad situation to lose it.

May you find the owner as others pass along the word.