Boat Haul available

Can haul 2 kayaks or a canoe from Reno, Sacramento or SF Bay area to San Diego this week. Could possibly carry a narrow kayak or a whitewater boat back. Leaving Thursday.

Damn, my boat won’t be down here.

Just heard from Seaward this AM. My boat will be shipping at the end of the week. I don’t see how it can possibly get here from BC by the weekend.

Looks like no whale watching this week for me with you. I’m hoping that it will be here and ready for me to pick up on 1/21.

I have tentative plans with Mike to paddle then if it gets here.

Hey Steve,
I can let you use my Prijon or my Khatsalano if you need a kayak.


I’ve got a boat
I just didn’t want to make a 400 mile round trip drive two weeks in a row since I normally drive 600 - 700 miles a week while working.

BTW, Mike called me today. He did a solo paddle out of La Jolla Shores today and saw two whales.