Boat hauler braggin'

Just want to gloat a bit.

My new Subaru Outback wagon (a 2.5i w/4 speed auto Sportshift AWD) with my Yakina rack, QCC 500x and a bike mount is routinely getting over 25 MPG combined. This includes daily commuting, and on a trip into the WV mountains to paddle at Summersville Lake on the Gauley River i was actually showing 25.8 on teh trip computer.

I realize that some of you have haulers that get pretty good mileage, but I am happy to have an AWD that does so well.


Couldn’t afford the…
Hummer, eh? :slight_smile:

Just kidding. Them thar Suburu’s (Suburi?) are nice vehicles. I’ll just have to settle for my Suburban which gets 17mpg, regardless of the load. It’s got a 42 gallon tank, so that’s ok (!). Getting the darned yaks up there is a bit of a pain.

In more ways than one!
Twice the price of the Suby. Half the gas mileage. Good rack spread, though!


Envy :frowning:
Dang you, Jim! Ya done flung mpg envy on me.

Sounds like a fine paddler’s set up. Glad you are happy with it.

Yeah but how many boats can you haul?
One time I had a tandem canoe, a solo canoe and two 17’ yaks on top along with three rec yaks stuffed in the back of my F150. Got seven newbies on the lake that day :slight_smile:

Sadly I only get around 15 mpg so yeah I’m jelous.

Paddle Hard!


Braggin rights

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This rig gets 27 mpg since I ripped out the stock filter system and installed a K & N system. Got 24 before. Hauls 3 boats.

Congrats on the Subaru Jim. Nice cars.

What it that … a 4 cyl Chevy?
27 mpg ? Maybe with a 30 mph following wind going about 60 eh? Just joshing :wink: … looks really good with that rack and set of wheels. Will it last like a Toyota?

Yes and yes

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2.2 liter 5 speed.
Just like my old Datsun and my old Toyota, these little S10's just keep running. Gotta love the little "chebby"...
I've only had it to 80 with boats on it. Just to pass something. I normally just do the posted speed limits.
The wheels are 16 inch American Racing. I also added a Rostra Cruise control and keyless remote entry/alarm.

And you’ll keep on gloatin’ Jim
My ‘97 Outback w/137k+ miles hauls 3 Grummans and still gives 25mpg consistently (with 4 men and the wagon loaded with gear). Been driving it almost 9 yrs and have spent very little to keep it running.

Happy Paddlin’ (& Subaru ‘n’)

I win.
MY canoe hauls more gear and people than my CAR!

In fact, when I get to the landing, I just roll the whole works over and shove it into the water; then my CANOE carries my CAR.

Beat dat.

Over 10,000 gallons per mile!
My kayak (and I) displace:

10,300 (US) gallons/statute mile, 11,700 gallons/NM

That’s 858 gallons/minute at 5 mph/4.34 KT, or 14.3 gallons per second.

Useless math provided courtesy of the Applied Eccentrics Institute.

Ever try Slimfast?

Subaru Outback
The ultimate paddler’s car. My '98 Honda CRV gets about 25mpg. Unfortunately, crappy power is the tradeoff. Sometimes when hauling people or boats in the mountains, the AC has to be cut off on steep inclines.

Does the DMV require you to nave an oversize load permit?


Regarding Subarus
I have owned, lets see, NINE over the past 25 tears. My best mileage was with my 2001 5-speed: 27 mpg on the interstate.


1990 Legacy does better
I still get better mileage on my 1990 Legacy although it has dropped some with age. Maybe 28-29 mpg.

But the main thing is that I can drive into my garage with the boats on the car and haul them up onto hooks. No lifting! Wouldn’t be able to do that with an Outback so I don’t know what I’ll do when this car dies.

AWD or FWD? The AWD seems to knock off about 3-5 mpg due to extra weight & differential drag.


Still driving my
96 GMC Sierra, but I like it , even with 180K + on the odometer.

Big boat, small car

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Actually, I think that rig belongs to an employee at my local paddleshop.

Mine isn't quite that ridiculous; I only carry a 16.5' canoe on my 9' Dodge Colt.

QCC600 & QCC700
fit great on my Jetta TDI wagon. The roof is low enough that it makes loading easy, (can even manage it by myself). I have been getting mid fourties in terms of mpg.

Go Paddle,