Boat hoard Geiger counter

Cartoon in The New Yorker this week.

Hilarious. And tragically far from reality for so many! I could easily get 10 hulls in there with ample room to spare.

heck, If I only had that much space. I have three canoes that sleep outside because there is no room in the garage and the finance committee hasn’t approved a pole barn.

That’s only 4 . Maybe there are inflatables in closets?

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Guy in cartoon must be a young canoer; who hasn’t really caught the canoe collection virus yet. Obviously a wanna be/ dilletante.

Based on the scale of the canoes in the cartoon, to the scale of space for wall racks, and ceiling space; I could hang 3 boats on all 4 walls, 4 more hanging from the ceiling, and four more on sawhorses. Don’t know what I’d do with the one I bought day before yesterday???
I wanted to hang a small solo from our vaulted, living room ceiling. The boss said, “that ain’t gonna happen”!

P.S. Lucky I sold 3 and my wife sold one so far this year…


Well…if you have to talk about too many boats then this needs to be said,…


And for those who are envious in such situations, another New Yorker cartoon;

Caption reads “Comparison is the thief of joy, Mittens”


Hi Pat!

We miss seeing you buddy.
Tell Rena and Eric we hope to see them again soon too.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Bob & JoAnne

P.S. Just picked up one of the smallest Blackhawk Shadows the day before yesterday. Has been in long term storage, seldom used, same color as your Ariel. No way could I pass it up for seller’s asking price.

Four tandems seems excessive. Of course solos are a different story.

Greetings back 'atcha, Bob & JoAnne,
Gawd, it seems like forever since we’ve paddled those clear Ozark streams and spent evenings around the fire with the owls and coyotes calling… We miss you guys, too. I do sincerely hope we can get past this virus in time for a reasonably safe spring 'vous. Up here and right now it looks worse than ever, though…
Congrats on the Shadow. I’ll not let comparison be the thief of joy.
Think I may take that Flashback I got from you out for a little run down the local creek today or perhaps tomorrow. Its getting cooler, but nothing here is freezing up yet. Still paddling season. There is firewood to cut and stack before it gets colder - but still a bit of daylight should be left over for a short paddle…
Be well friends,
PS: Is that underrated hailstones section on the Buffalo in Boxley Canyon or upstream from there? If its in Boxley, its confirmation - Anita actually is trying to kill me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: She was really putting a hard sell on me for a run down there last time we were on the Buffalo.

The Boxley bridge is located on Arkansas Hwy. 21, one mile south of the intersection of Arkansas Hwy 43.

It is approximately 8 miles upstream of the typical putin at Ponca.
If there is enough water to negotiate the first set of shoals below the Boxley Bridge, there is typically enough water to negotiate the Boxley to Ponca section, an 8 mile run.
Boxley is noted as 0.0 mile mark on most River maps/logs.

The Hailstone section is typically not marked on any maps.
It is approximately 14 miles “above” Boxley. That section is basically rain dependent.

You don’t even want to think about going up there and trying that section; especially if it is raining, or rain is in the forecast. You can expect to encounter some class lll and class lll+. It is NOT a nice place to have to bivouac overnight without supplies if you can’t make it to Boxley.


P.S. Pictured is the Ponca low water bridge put in; the typical starting point on the Buffalo.

P.S. The best trip I have ever done on the Buffalo was the 71 miles from Ponca (6.1) to Gilbert (76.9). Sure would like to give that trip a go once more.

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Which half of your body are you going to put in that boat :wink: It’s been close to 20 years since I tried one of those and it seemed pretty tiny.

I completely understand the compulsion to pounce on good deals on unique hulls.

I’d be up for that… When you thinkin"?

And I’m relieved to see that Anita wasn’t, in fact, trying to get me to kill myself on the Hailstones. She was pushing for Boxley. I’ve looked for Hailstones on the maps and never found it by that name or by Hailstone Creek. Thanks, Bob.

And don’t let anyone with a canoe geiger counter anywhere near your place.

Where have you been hiding?
Haven’t seen you on here in months.
How are your corn field, irrigation ditch, paddling adventures going?

About the small Shadow.
The guy who sold it wanted money quick to buy a kayak.
His price was very low; I wanted that boat in that color badly.
I have a white, small Shadow; will likely try to sell it as a small lady’s canoe, or a young kid’s first canoe in the Spring. It’s suggested weight for paddler is 150 lbs. I’ve paddled it on a nearly lake (with over a thousand miles of shoreline) on numerous occasions. As I weigh 215, it is more than a little twitchy, but it hasn’t spit me out yet; which is not to say it hasn’t made me gasp a few times. I paddle it only when temps are above high 70s, and I stay fairly close to shore.
It’s sale should more than cover the cost of the blue one I just bought.

Don’t have photo of the blue Shadow yet, but here is photo of my white one, and a photo of PJC in a blue Ariel he got from me. Same blue color. Pretty!



Thinking that if we quarantined ourselves ( I’m sure COVID will still be around) pre trip, we might be able to do that trip in late Spring of 2021. Would “love” to be able to give it a go, with a crew of 5 or 6 paddlers.
Some beautiful river…have done that trip more than once, but would be happy to do it again.


P.S. Not too worried about canoe Geiger counters users invading shed where some of the canoe are kept. Doors always locked. No windows. I am a fairly light sleeper, and it is well lit up at night. Wouldn’t shoot anyone over a canoe, but would try to convince them they would rather have a kayak, or sit on top



I’ve been unemployed since mid April, so I’ve been conserving gas money and have only paddled one Illinois cornfield ditch in 2020.

It’s been nearly 20 years since I test paddled that smallest shadow and I’d only paddled one solo canoe up to that point and had little experience in that Mad River Slipper, either. The seller only wanted $200 for that canoe, but my wife forbade me buying it because she said she’d be afraid that I’d drown every time I paddled it. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one today at that price.

I’m at 160 lbs and still 5’6" with much more solo experience, so I suspect that I’d have a much more relaxed and fun experience in that smallest Shadow, if paddled today.

I like the looks of your white Shadow.

Though I haven’t paddled much in 2020, I’ve done more bicycle riding than I had in the last 20 years. In the process of getting my old bikes in better working order and buying a few more used bikes to try out, I have greatly expanded my bike mechanic skills and still have a lot to learn.

Be well.

I still have thewhite colored Shadow, but having the same boat in that beautiful blue color was something I just couldn’t let slide. Especially as seller threw in 2 new Mohawk paddles; which are good “spare” paddles, and a never opened can of Watco. $300.00.

Blue Shadow spent nearly 20 years in storage. Seller said he had used it twice; “too tippy” for him. So it’s condiiton is basically like new. I am going to sand the gunwales and give them several coats of Watco. when I have a warm day.

Glad to hear you are doing well, and are active. If bicycling is your new sport, and you like that; good for you. Go for it.

Take care,


I’d like to be paddling at least once a week, but it’s a 30 mile round trip to the nearest desirable location.

I can ride a bike from my driveway as far as I want.

The only boat that I’ve gotten wet this year is the Curtis Lady Bug. That was a very pleasant outing.

Be well.