Boat ID help

Picked up this 10’6” kevlar canoe the other day. No manufacturer markings anywhere. Hull # begins with BLQ and is etched it, not stamped. Could this be a homebuild? Blackhawk hill ID’s started with BLQ I believe but would have thought of it was a Blackhawk, it’d be stamped in hull. Anybody have any good guesses?


Whatever the manufacturer, it’s a nice looking pack canoe. what, maybe 20lbs (or less).


Using bathroom scale, it comes in at about 21lbs

Yes on Blackhawk according to HIN Decoder


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Found a thread on a diff site where a guy bought exact same boat and has exact same question. Looking like it’s definitely a Blackhawk canoe co. boat……but now the question is….what model?

I havent come across any reference to a 10’6” Blackhawk.

Anyone knowledgeable enough on Blackhawk to know what model this could be?

here is info from the (late) Bob who was a Blackhawk aficionado
Not aware t that BH made pack canoes; could just be missing a seat… Or an experiment… Not listed…The Shadows and Proem are a little longer

Phil Siggelow did some experimenting… The ends look a little experimental.

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Interesting boat!

I can confirm that all Blackhawk serial numbers were etched into the hull and based on the handwriting the same person etched our 2 boats. The shortest boat listed in Blackhawk brochires is the 11’7" Shadow so it’s not a regular production boat.

I think Old Town made a 10.5 foot pack with single thwart that looked pretty much identical and the current Hemlock Wee Lassie also looks identical.

I suggest that you contact Dave Curtis at Hemlock Canoe and tell him about your boat and see if he knows the background (I’ll bet a dollar that he does).

What are the last 3 digits of the serial serial number? I’m curious to know when it was built.

@TomL - amazing, thx, I will contact Curtis.

The last 3digits in the hull ID are 595.

Interestingly, in past 24hrs I’ve come across couple other posts from other guys with the same boat…but none list the model. See pics attached.

So, there are at least 3 of these boats out there!!! I paid $100 for mine and it’s in extremely good condition. Surprised to see the one guy list his for $1,700.

Prices of Blackhawks are all over the map with a few folks trying to cash in on some mystique. You got a great deal, congrats!

I think 1995 was the last year of Blackhawk production. Maybe some last-ditch effort to supply boats to someone else? I dunno.

Do you think the hull looks identical to the Nessmuk? If so could be same mold.

I have to wonder if all 3 Blackhawks aren’t fiberglass…is there any evidence that any are kevlar? Check out the weight of the kevlar Nessmuks.

Wow that has to be one of the best deals I have seen on a canoe.


For sure! There’s a Proem for sale nearby. Looks nice, but it’s listed for $1000. It will probably sell once the snow melts, though.

that OT was a Bart Hauthaway design… Not sure if Phil copied it. Yes Dave Curtis might know as he is of a certain vintage!

I want to thank @kayamedic and @TomL for recommending Mr. Curtis. He responded to my email and provided the most interesting story, and wow, does he know this boat. It was indeed manufactured by Phil at Blackhawk, but this 10’6” never hit Blackhawk’s sell sheet in 1995 (or ever). Appears this boat is one of the last Phil ever made. The specs are a perfect match to the Wee Lassie. Dave’s email response was flat out incredible. What a great source and thanks to this thread/community, I’ve got my answers.


So you have a Blackhawk Wee Lassie. How cool is that?

You should be able to win some bets if you come across any Blackhawk enthusiasts (“I have a Blackhawk Wee Lassie”, “No you don’t”, “wanna bet?”).


For 100 bucks too!