Boat Identification

Hi Eveyone! A few months back I was fixing a clients oven for him. When I got to chatting with him, he told me he used to be a hunter in Colorado’s the 60’s and 70’s. He was selling his old canoe that had been hanging up in his garage since the 80’s.

The problem is I have no way of identifying this canoe with the little knowledge I have for canoes already. He also did not have the paperwork for the canoe. It’s a beautiful piece of work and I would like to give it its due appreciation if yall could help me identify it.

Those paddles look like oars.

Post over at Wooden Canoe Heritage Association. The forums are a wealth of advice from knowledgeable wood canvas paddlers and collectors. It could be a Chestnut or several others Decks | Dragonfly Canoe Media