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My girlfriend and I both have kayaks that we’ve been keeping indoors. We’re moving soon to an apartment where they’ll have to stay outside. She has a plastic boat and mine is glass. Are there any precautions (beyond 303) that we should take to keep them protected? We live in Wisconsin, and they’ll have to be outside all year.


The boats should be fine
I know paddlers here in Newfoundland that keep them out all winter…and we still have a LOAD of snow. I would recommend a good tarp over them, and maybe some styrofoam saddles underneath to keep them off the ground? Thats about all some of the people I know do.

Mine are stored in a shed with no heat. The occassional blizzard blows in through seams in windows and the doors lol. But they’re on racks on the wall.


I like 303 on plastic, but prefer Starbrite Marine Polish with Teflon for the composites - maybe once or twice a year.

Keep things dry to avoid mildew. Hatches open if critters aren’t an issue.

Get a good security cable
and lock them up every time. I had a kayak stolen from right beside my bedroom window last year. Now my yaks have a cable on them all the time except while I am in them.


Cover the cockpits
Critters have a tendency to make homes in boats with the cockpits left open. The cover can be any kind of breathable fabric, held in place with bungee. You can make one for less than five bucks.

Check this for Fiberglass kayaks…

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... Without a doubt I agree that 303 is super for Poly kayaks, rubber tires, and anything rubber or plastic. But I am not too excited about it for fiberglass.

.... I went to the local powerboat shop and asked the for the best wax/polish for fiberglass, that contained UV protection. The guy told me the best in their minds was "Star Bright Boat Polish with Teflon". I have been using it for 2 years now, and I am sold on it. After 2 applications of it your kayak will almost be too smooth to handle. Water and weather will run right off. If there is any motor boat scum where you paddle, it will wipe right off of the hull. After a couple times in the water, the slipperyness decreases some, but the protection stays.

... 303 is great for Poly kayaks, but I like the "Star Bright Boat Polish with Teflon" a lot more for Composite kayaks!

Happy Paddling!!

No Teflon for me, thank you.
Wait until the first time you have to do a rescue in a boat coated with that stuff. “Slippery” may look nice, but it’s a functional disaster.