Boat-Purchase Scam via

Hey Everybody,

I have a used boat for sale in the classifieds on I was contacted by somebody interested about 3 weeks ago…conversation was weird and went in circles. Eventually the buyer sent me a check from a company in Oregon through a shipper in California for a person in Florida. And the check was written for 5 TIMES THE ASKING PRICE of the boat. According to the buyer, I was supposed to wire/western union/moneygram the left-over balance to a “shipper” to get the boat from the mid-Atlantic to Florida. So the “buyer” would end up getting a used boat for $5,000 that they could buy local and brand new for $1,000. Bottom line is that the whole thing stinks like some sort of wacky convoluted laundering scam. I could be completely wrong and it’s just a naive buyer (yeah right), but I voided the check and sent it back where it came from. So sellers be aware and cautious with buyers whose stories don’t add up.


The formula of this scam has been around for quite a few years now. Long enough that it should be taught in grade school.

Yep I didn’t pay any attention in grade school. Lesson learned.

You missed a golden opportunity for “dirty deeds done dirt cheap” on scammer.

You never get to view the results but you can imagine them, if you have a good imagination, and I do. Just a few of my personal “get backs” I’ve played:

Returned some junk mail I received, in an envelope with a huge, dead spider.
Did same with huge, dead, smashed flat beetle, and once with a huge, rotting, dead worm…
Enclosed some dried cat scat in return envelope with junk mail I received.
Gave scam mail a “golden shower”, let it dry & put it in return envelope with scam mail.
Returned junk mail in envelope full of old, cigarette butts.

I have 3 or 4 super dirty deeds I’m saving for some people who really annoy me.
They’re so super nasty; I won’t even identify what they are. >:)
This message with self destruct…


…and next thing you know a cop shows up at your door with a fine or arrest warrant, claiming “reckless endangerment” or “biological vandalism” or boring old “mischief”.

I often want to get back at people like this, but too often it can blow up in your face.

It’s a standard, well known scam. I see it on Craigslist quite frequently.

Of course, the check he sent will…eventually…bounce.

I might follow it up with law enforcement even though the guys who try to pull this off usually do a good job of covering their tracks.

My scammer only offered 800 over ask that I was supposed to use to pay shipper when he showed up to get boat. Guess your scammer really wanted the boat :slight_smile: Took check to bank to investigate and it took them 5 seconds to tell me it was fake.