Boat Recomendations...

I’ve been browsing the classifieds here, and thinking of selling my boat for another.

I love my Necky (Looksha IV kevlar) for it’s manuverablity, light weight, and it’s elf-shoe nose.

Yup, that funny looking bow plows through weed mats very nicely.

So, what I would like recomendations on is a similar craft, but a bit more volume for my 185#, 34" inseam posterior.

To me, manuverability is more important than tracking. I’ve only had to drop rudder once, but I sure was glad I had it with strong quartering winds, and swells to match.

90% of my paddling is day trips on lakes and rivers, occasionally seeing salt water, but not looking for surf or huge swells.

Wouldn’t mind a bit of extra volume for camping gear, in case I ever find the time.



Gee, I outweigh you by 40 pounds,
and I’m sure I could do an overnight, maybe two, in my little Looksha Sport. Your IV should be able to do the job for you, unless your gear is bulky and heavy.

dude your IV should be fine
I have the same inseam and weight 180 and i remember sitting in a Looksha IV and it was GOOD. My Elaho (standard model, not the HV) fits me great and probably has enough volume for self supported week of touring( i’ve packed it for overnighters and still had the day hatch empty, front hatch about 2/3 full and nothing between feet and bulkhead.


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Not sure why you want a bigger boat for day paddles, but here are a few:

VSK Aquanaut HV
NDK Explorer HV
NDK Romany HV
WS Tempest 180
Impex Assateague
P&H Capella 173
CD Gulfstream

If you want manuverability, you're usually better off with a lower-volume boat -- easier to edge, and less affected by wind.

Don’t forget to add the
Nigel Foster Shadow to that list too.