boat recommendations for big feet

Any suggestions on a touring yak for an almost 7-ftr with big feet? I have always wanted to kayak and am now making a point of doing so this summer. I have heard that pegs are adjustable but don’t know which ones have a higer profile.

How big?
I have size 15 feet and am 6’4" with 36" inseam and many boats do not fit without modification (either footpegs or seat moved farther).

Many boats simply do not work period even barefooted. Very few performance boats actually work for folks like me with even the lightest of whitewater shoes on.

It is important how heavy you are too. Also, what do you plan to do with the kayak.

Tell us that and you’ll get some direction as height alone is not enough to pick the right boat.

Eddyline Nighthawk 17

Me too
I’m almost exactly the same size as Kocho and just got my first sea kayak last summer. I settled on a Force 5 because it fits so good. I tried a lot of boats though I have no idea what you’re in the market for.

What’ll you use it for?

Force 5 fits me well too, but not my kind of boat - tracks too well -:wink:

Wilderness Systems Tsunami series
The WS Tsunami145 would work very well for you. It has a dayhatch without a bulkhead, and can be had with a rudder. I have a 125 as a day and short trip touring boat and love it. Not sure of your weight, but based on your height, the 125 might be a little too small. I’m 6’2", 260 and with 40 pounds of gear, I ride a little low for rough conditions. The 165 is also an excellent touring boat with a proper day hatch. In the Tsunami series, the “5” denotes a high volume boat, meaning the area where your legs are is a little taller to accommodate larger paddlers, and bigger feet. The Tsunami’s track well, are very stable, and can be edged and maneuvered reasonably well. They are also available in carbon fiber and fiberglass. A gentleman that I knew from a local kayaking group in Connecticut paddled a 145 with a rudder. He was 6’8" and loved to fish out of his.

Well made boats, and consistently get favorable reviews if you do some research.

Big boats from Wilderness
Wilderness systems makes a lot of boats for big people. I am not familiar with other brands that make big boats.

Depending on your skills and desires I recommend the following:

Tarpon 160 great all around boat will keep up with most groups of sea kayaks and will work well in most kinds of water. And it is a sit on top so no need to learn to roll it and room for even size 100 feet!

Tsunami 145 get room for big paddlers - fast for a rec boat length a club member did our marathon in this and had no trouble keeping pace with us.

Tsunami 175 - huge boat for real sea kayaking and trips for as long as you want to take. Room for all your gear, your feet, and your friends gear. Heck your friends could paddle surf skis and you could carry everyones gear!

I’m certain other brands have big boats but I’ve just never paddles them. My Current Designs Solstice gts has room for my size 12 feet with no shoes, but I would not recommend it as a first boat.

Impex Assateague
It’s a boat designed for bigger paddlers. I love mine.