Boat rentals in Ontario

We are a group of 65yr old 50 people. Will be visiting Kingston, Ontario next week for our old-school get together party. Few cottage rentals and an event hall have been booked. The event will get over by noon and after that, we are planning for a boat ride or fishing. We have enquired with the hotel management but they don’t have enough boats to accommodate us all. So we are searching around. I wanna know if there are any boat rental place around Kingston, Ontario? If you have opinions please do provide it below. Will need to book it by this week.

What kind of boats?

Frontenac Outfitters, which is about a half an hour northwest of Loughboro Inn and right on the border of the same-named Provincial Park, rents high-quality kayaks and canoes. Really nice folks and shop. Give them a call.

You could also check the event schedule of the Cataraqui Canoe (and kayak) Club which is in Kingston. My friend Dennis Burr is a long time member and I have paddled with the club members, a great bunch of people ranging from their 20’s to well into their 70’s. Non-members are welcome on their trips, though admittedly the chance they would be doing something local at the same time as your trip would be slim. I don’t know if they have a club livery of loaner boats. as some groups of that kind do.

There are plenty of lakes in Frontenac Park – the outfitter will be able to make suggestions based on your experience and time frame. They will deliver and pick up the rental kayaks at local lakes near the shop.

Caution is advised.

The weather is going to be cold near the end of this week, with near-freezing temperatures expected and possibly/likely some wet snow. It’s too soon to say what next week will hold, but it’s not a great time of year to plan paddling events with inexperienced groups.

Sparky has a good point. It had been so hot here in the Northeast until last week it’s easy to forget that we are well into Fall. Frontenac Outfitters will give you an honest assessment on the advisability of your outing.