Boat Rentals - Southern Illinois

I’m heading to Southern Illinois with 3 friends for what is basically a climbing trip. However, I was hoping to take them paddling on the Lower Cache River Trail one afternoon when it gets too hot to climb rocks. Found out Peddles & Paddles is no longer in business. Is there anyone who rents canoes or kayaks down there?

I was just going to mention Peddles and
Paddles, didn’t know they shut down. I do not believe anyone rents 'em downhere anymore, the guy that use to be at the Cache has shut down also. IF you know anyone associated with the University, they can rent through ‘Basecamp’ in the Rec Center at S.I.U. Hard to compete w/rentals as the University rents sooo cheap, or I would! I’ll be @ the shop (Shawnee Trails)Sunday, if you come into C’dale. Weather has been nice and cool for a while, and the H2o is warm.

Nope, nothing
I was down there in May and all the only rental place is now closed. This WAS their info, you may try it again…you never know.

Cache Core Canoes

Rt 1-71AA,

Ullin, IL

(618) 845-3817

If not, there may be a good business opportunity!

He closed a while back too

Where can you rent from SIU?
I am down there every spring and it would be great to do some paddling. Can anyone rent a boat from the university?

Staying east of I-57
No plans to hit C’dale this time, but who knows. Things change. For example, only 2 people joining me now, not 3. Maybe I’ll consider renting a canoe up here and hauling it down along with one of my kayaks … but hate to think of the decrease in gas mileage and security issues when we aren’t using the boats. Have you heard anything about water levels in “the swamp” (Lower Cache canoe trail)?