Boat reviews

was wondering if they only let you post reviews on sponcered boats. Posted a review on my Vermont Tupper a few weeks ago and it still hasn’t shown up

No, I have posted reviews on two
non-sponsored boats. Something must have gone wrong with the posting process. You didn’t say anything utterly scurrilous about the boat, did you?

I like my boat. Guess I’ll try again

I have
written reviews abbout none sponsored boats also and had no problem. I have actually been contacted by P-netters who have questions about that boat.


the rules are:
1. Your boat has to be brand new and only in the water one time

2. If you don’t rate it a 10 it doesn’t count

3. the quality is better than any other boat on the market

4 it will handle any water conditions that you paddle in including rogue waves

5.You would recommend it for beginners as well as life long experts

6. It tracks straight and true including into 30 knot quartering wind

7 At 75 pounds, it much lighter than other boats of equal cost.

8.the 18 year old sales person was very knowledgeable and a delight to deal with

9. the boat lists a little on one side, but can easily be kept level by sitting off to one side a bit.


10. Dick’s keeps a large stock on hand and you can always get good quality repairs and services as you need it. that is what that salesperson told me.



Too true
That is funny, and pretty accurate. Everyone seems to post a review when they are still in that first blush of owning a new boat and love everthing about it. BTW, my coleman pelican canoe has a sustained paddling speed of 9.5 mph, more if my wife paddles, trakcs straigt, turns easily and carries 1500 pounds f gear. Review to follow.

very good
i’m impressed

Questions like:
does it come with a six pack of Killians red ?



should be a rule that
you either can’t review your own boat or can only do it after you have sold it and bought a new one

Maybe wez kin’ also have Spouse Reviews
But only after de 7 year torments be over wit or de prefix of “EX-” comes inta play.


Try it again.
It may have gotten misplaced somewhere. It usually doesn’t take more than four or five days for a new review to be posted. I look forward to your review of the Tupper.

maybe youz learned freakin english
com’ on mon. it’s darnded supper annoooyyiinggg

Yer gittin’ better at de lingo, pilgrim
Keep up wit de larnin’. Yer might wan’na sign up wit me Alma Madder - de Festus Haggin School O’ Incoomprhenseebul Mumblin’.

Fat Elmo

of course
and if not Irish red then Beanie weenies!

it’s obviously an under-appreciated art.


dont tempt me Elmo
I could write reams about my ex

I’m into motorcycling, and…
they do the same thing over at powersports network. Someone buys a new motorcycle, rides it home, and then posts a review about how wonderful it is. Then you have the guy who runs into a single problem and proclaims the bike is the biggest piece of junk in the world, and he would never recommend it to anyone. But you can glean some useful info from them at times.