Boat Selection

I run into a lot of people that are interested in paddling but have no idea what type boat to get. I always tell them that they need to decide how they think they will use it first. This caused me to come up with a little survey to help them decide on the “type” boat that would suit them best. What do you guys think about it. What else needs to be included?

Here is the questionnaire:

  1. Height and Weight
  2. Type car you will carry it on
  3. Will you paddle alone most times
  4. If you paddle with others what type boat do they have
  5. Rate what percentage time you will spend on lakes, slow rivers, faster rivers, coastal bays and ocean
  6. Do you think you will camp out of the boat
  7. Do you plan to race
  8. Are you a competitive type person
  9. Do you prefer high tech equipment or are you happy with recreational level gear
  10. Realistically do you travel to recreation destinations
  11. Are you the type person that studies a sport to learn the technical sides or do you just like to have fun
  12. Do you baby your gear or does your gear show signs of heavy use

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How much do they want to spend. Are they an apartment dweller or do they have a barn, can they carry what they want.
What type of water is close by.

Perfect. Thanks

I think its more like this-
1. Type of water will be paddling on majority of time

2. Height and Weight

3. Budget

…would be the 3 main factors I think. I think some large set people are discouraged from the sport because many unknowledgable people think all kayaks have tiny little cockpits and dont hold alot, but Theres something for everybody in this sport. From a 60 lb child to a 450 pound man.

yup, Pammies lost it NM

How often will you paddle…
Once a month, Once a week, Three times a day?

Will you plan vacations around paddling?