Boat Slippery after 303

OK, so I 303’d my kayak yesterday. Is it just my magination or did it get REALLY SLIPPERY? It just about flew off the J-Cradles when I was loading it.

Even if you rub down the 303 per the
instructions, your boat will be slippery. Yacht wax has a similar effect. Sometimes it’s an advantage, but boats have been known to escape downslope when their owners aren’t watching.

Yep. Happened to me after using
yacht wax. Zipped right off the car,dented the trunk,and dinged the boat on the driveway.Good thing no children were nearby.

Apply to bottom ???

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Why would one apply to the bottom where the sun don't shine ?

I rack it, and carry it upside down.
It is a SOT.

It really is slick.
Don’t put it inside your boat.

Or on your paddle shaft
I speak from experience :frowning: Many years ago, of course :wink:

Then don’t 303 the bottom.

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I suppose you don't drive 2 hours each way, and don't rack it 7 days a week. Nothing will happen to unprotected bottom with 2x30-minutes exposure twice a week for 3 months a year. Even in FL or CA nothing would happen after this amount of exposure for 3-4 years, other than faded colors. In IL where you are - probably 5-6 years. After 6 years just go and get a new one, considering low cost of polyethylene SOT. At home keep it covered from sun, of course. Any tarp-ish plastic will do (or any fabric).

My boat’s on rack weeks at a time,
sometimes. A little UV protection on the gel coat certainly won’t hurt anything.

It’s not your imagination
So don’t use it where the boat contacts the cradles.

I’ll Remember Next Time
My boat has been spending a LOT of time on my boat and it’s on J-Cradles so the hull is exposed to the sun and even if I did only 303 the deck, I would still have a slipping problem. I guess this is my “punishment” for being an overachiever, cleaning up my boat and getting carried away with the 303. As long as the boat doesn’t get “carried away” while I drive, I guess I’ll be OK. Maybe I’ll throw on an extra strap. Which reminds me: I know UV degrades nylon straps. When should I replace them?

Put 303 on everything
It’s true - 303 protects straps, PFD’s, sprayskirts, etc.

Many outfitters use gallons of the stuff.

The longer gear lasts, the more profits rental places make.

It’s a great product with an amazing reputation