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I recently moved from California to Arizona and am concerned about storing Necky Looshksa plastic boat in a gargage in the Hot Summer when it is a 120. The gargage is someone else's and would like to know if my boat would not melt or be damaged in these conditions. If you have any suggestions please advise. I live in Phoenix.

Where in Arizona ?

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I lived in Tucson for two years and my garage got unbelievably hot. I did not have plastic boats at the time but stored mine under a shade structure and a UV protective tarp in my back yard. I know someone in Tucson that had what I believe was an Ocean Kayak Scupper that got grossly deformed by storage in their garage. my advice would be to store it up side down or on it's side on three or four supports that allow air to circulate, with no external weight on the hull, if you do need to keep it in your garage and you live in hot places like Phoenix ... if you live in Yuma or Gila Bend ....well... I don't know.

Thanks so muich for response, that helps me out alot.

There has to be a dealer …
I think there has to be someone who sells Ocean Kayaks or Wilderness System boats in Phoenix, call them up and see what they recommend.