boat suggestion

Hey all! I’m new to the forum, and new to paddling. I am wanting to purchase either a canoe or a kayak, probably a kayak, but have no clue where to start. Any suggestions???

I’m looking for:

  • either a canoe or a kayak (solo)
  • something that will be good both on a lake, and in up to class III rapids.

    Background info on me:

    I have been whitewater canoeing in the past (about 7 years ago, took a class in college–played in solo and tandem canoes and a couple whitewater kayaks), so I’m confident in my ability to paddle anything straight with enough practice, and keep a boat upright.

    I live in north TX, so pretty much all we have is some lakes and a couple places with up to Class III rapids.

    I am more interested in getting into the whitewater-side of things eventually, as I increase my skill level. I would like a boat that I can learn (again) to roll.

    I am not picky about material, b/c I don’t know enough to be. If anyone wants to indulge me with details on plastic v. inflatable v. Royalex or Kevlar, etc, that’d be great. :slight_smile:

    Thanks for any assistance at all you can give me!!

Boat Recommendation
I suggest going to the Dagger and Liquidlogic web sites and looking at their ‘crossover’ boats - basically WW boats, but with skegs that allow good tracking in flat water.

“Something that will be good on a lake
and in up to class III rapids.” That’s a wide range of requirements. I am sufficiently acquainted with that area to say that you needn’t worry about class 3 unless you are going to drive way out of state. But like the first poster, I think the best wide-range option might be Liquid Logic Remix XP9 or XP10.


The Jackson All-Water is another entry in this catagory.