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Hi all

In light of the good suggestions on my previous thread “paddling with spouses” I have put my kevlar Dagger Sitka on consigment sale in search of a new boat. I am looking for something smaller and more manueverable to match my spouses Carolina 14.5. I have heard good things about some boats in the 16- 16.5 range - the Tempest 165 has come up more than once, but I am sort of leaning toward a composite boat ( I sort of have a mental block about moving from kevlar to plastic). My shop has a Impex Montauk, another shop has recommended the Romany HV, another has recommended the CD Gulfstream, if I can find one. I guess I have an open question of… will I really notice a difference between composite vs plastic?? and which ones would/would not work for a guy 5’9, 200 lbs who normally paddles lakes and rivers with oceans once or twice a year? thanks in advance!


Is wife playing hard to get? Advice is
in short supply too, as this post almost dropped off the screen without the usual gang of idiots giving suggestions. Come on, guys, step up to the plate.

My question is, what is the problem with your Dagger? Too unmaneuverable, or so fast that you almost have to paddle backwards so she can keep up?

Mostly it’s unmaneuverable, plus it is a great expedition kayak but just not suited to the piddling around day trips we find ourselves doing. Wife is actually pretty good about me spending money for myself!

thanks for the response!


Avocet ?
Poly and composite boats of the same name are rarely exactly the same. Will you notice the differences? Impossible to say until you get in the boats.

The composite and poly Avocets are very similar (the main difference I’ve noticed is cockpit fit - the poly is snugger and seat is lower). These might be good for you to demo to see if there is a notable difference as far as you are concerned.

Second the above
I think you’d be a little more than the Slipstream would best fit, though it’s been a while since I sat in one. But the Avocet is a fantactic all around boat. Relatively fast for a 16’ boat, so it’d go on paddles with longer boats OK, and still a ton of fun to play with and handles conditons just dandy. You’re a good size for it, unlike me.

If you want manueverable, the Avocet is happy to play with you, and she enjoys water with some texture.