Boat trailer

I’ve been looking at Malone and Yakima trailers. Does anyone who has a Malone trailer use it to haul glass boats? Every photo I see they have plastic boats on them. My concern is w/o shocks like the Yakima has you would do damage to the boat if you hit a pot hole.

A buddy
has one and he has hauled up to four glass and graphite kayaks thousands of miles. No issues - no damage.


Shocks are not the issue

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Shocks will help control bouncing, but they do absolutely nothing to lessen the impact a wheel hitting a pothole. If you want to nitpick about it, shocks will actually increase the force transmitted to the trailer upon pothole impact, but there's no need to nitpick, so let's not go there. One could worry about the greater degree of bouncing that occurs without shocks after hitting a bump or pothole, but since the first impact will be the worst, it's probably okay to ignore that too.

So, what really matters is the springs. I would expect any "good" trailer that's actually designed for carrying boats would have softer springs, and softer springs (with or without shocks) is a good thing to look for. Plenty of people here have had good enough success modifying trailers which have stiffer springs, but softer is better.

Thanks for the replies