Boat Transport MD to SC

-- Last Updated: May-29-13 3:25 PM EST --

I will be driving from MD to SC in mid-June. As of now, it looks like I will go empty down South and come back with surf ski.

If you need a kayak or canoe or two transported that way or back for a small fee, drop me a line. I may be able do it for about as much as it would cost you in gas.

Pickup/dropoff should be pretty close to my route though, since I won't have time for long detours.

Or a pet/bycicle/mother in law, etc, as long as they fit in the car or on the racks and are not too messy :)

Consider Uship
you should scan Uship to see if there is anything on there you can haul.

When are you leaving?
I am in Columbia SC area and may be interested in a 16ft canoe to transport from MD? Please text or call me at 803-67three-29five8. Thanks, Brant

Good talking with you today - Here is the photo I mentioned:

Same rack extension, different car. The bars are wider under the extension too - 40" as opposed to under 30" in the photo.

The left and the right halves of the rack slide out to accommodate any reasonable boat width, up to about 4’ wide. As long as the weight is under 70lb, it is fine (I’ve carried up to 120lb, two kayaks, but keeping it under 100 seems better for this setup). Front and rear tie downs not pictured, but will be used.

uShip - yes
Yes, thanks for the suggestion. I’ve used it before and in fact have a shipment booked for me to transport this time too. The site works pretty good.

Just FYI - made my trip, transported some stuff, got about $400 in fees to finance my trip through uShip (about $350 after uShip fees). Minimum detour. This time I carried some rugs and a sit on top kayak (last time it was a dog and a crate of bunnies). So, do check out that service if you are planning a long haul trip - there are usually some people looking for a one-off shipment of the odd item that would cost too much to ship otherwise…