Boat transport service

Hello. Any ideas for boat transport in the Covid age? I have an email into KAS but have not heard back. Anyone have a fresh # for them?

Canoe needs to go WA to MT… if anyone’s interested in hauling it.


KAS is the one that comes to mind, although I do know of someone that had a couple kayaks transported using Might be worth looking into.

Thanks… still haven’t heard back from KAS…

Fwiw, if you’re in the NW, Paddlepeople is worth contacting regarding transport.

Alas, I cant seem to get the craigslist seller to sell me my dream boat (!) long distance.

I heard back fron KAS… as of 5/2020 they are still operating.

I actually shipped my boat in Covid times. I check Citizenshipper to Transport My boat from washington and they done with full safety.
So they might also done your work.
Else check uShip