boat transportation companies

I have seen recommendations for boat transport companies posted in the past but couldn’t find them doing a search.

Anyone have suggestions of companies they have had a good experience with?

Any suggestions of companies to avoid?

Canoe would be going from WV to CT.

K.A.S. Transport
Call Steve at 585-313-5467. He may be a bit slow to get back to you if you have to leave a message, but he has a dedicated kayak/canoe hauling trailer and will go door-2-door. Travels with a cool dog. Have used him to ship out 3 kayaks w/absolutely no problems or damage.

Use KAS Transport
I used KAS to ship a 1921 wood canvas canoe from NYS to Oregon. Everything went well, no problems at all, canoe arrived in perfect condition. I have a different phone number 315-986-1869. Steve’s email He is a little slow getting back to you if you have to leave a message but I recommend him. You could also try Affordable Boat Carriers (Florida). I have not used them but have heard good things from other wood canoe owners who have. They have a website - do a search.

boat transportation companies
Thanks for the responses, stickman and jcurtis5.

Spoke with Steve’s wife at KAS Transport. Their latest # is: 315 538 9652.

Also emailed Affortable Boat Carriers.

Will be interesting to see what the quotes are.


I have had good luck with Foward Air

I had a friend that shipped with Foward air they broke his boat. He had bought insurance and they still didn`t want to pay.It took him several months to finally settle with them, so he was without a boat for a long time.

I have used Steve with KAS shipping and really think its the only way to ship a composite boat


Forward Air…
Forward Air is a freight forwarder not a shipping company so you don’t know who is carrying your boat some OK, some very bad. I’ve had a boat damaged by them and will never use them again. Search the archives and see the horror stories.

KAS Transport
Just got quote from one boat transporter to ship 16’ canoe from WV to CT— $275.

Don’t know the going rate for boat shipping, but that seems high for transportation on trailer without any wrapping or crating. Maybe I’m just out of toach with costs.

Have not yet had a response from other carrier I contacted.


Cheaper than getting it yourself?
It is only about a 1000 miles round trip. You could do it on a weekend or even a day.

KAS Transport
I’d like to support and second Eric’s points re KAS Transport.

We’ve shipped a dozen hulls with them - one arrived with gunwale needing sanding, all others arrived in A-1 condition, including one that went from Lake Placid to San Francisco!

Re cost: that 1000 mile round trip from WV to CT and back has real costs of $0.40/ mile or $400, plus one’s time for 2 days, ~24hrs X $20 = $480 and a motel room and meals, ~120. if one eats road food. Grand total $1000.

Steves’ $275 seems a pretty good deal in comparison, and you get to go paddling that weekend instead of looking at the busiest corredor of Great American Midstates through a windshield. [A terrible drive; i would know.]

KAS has made steady improvement the last couple years and, with ABS closing, we need to support our only boat hauler 'cause we need him.

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Hey Charlie,

Why don't you get out of the snow in Lake Placid and drive a couple of your new canoes to FL yourself. You could then pick up my canoe on the way back for say $25. Could be a deal made in heaven, or someplace lower.

I will decide between transport Co. vs. getting it myself in two weeks, when I return from a trip to Mississippi for volunteer house construction.


Boat haulers
I used Jamie Kline - Wild Hills Transportation

arranged through Mike O’Hara/Ranger Canoe in New Hampshire.

I have a phone number - will send through board email on request.

KAS Transport Contact Information


I just called Steve Skinner - his number is 585-313-9467 and

got his voice mail. I believe he said his email address was


Disco Came FedEx
My new Disco came FedEx from Florida to California. It was about $180, but no problems.

But the Disco is a plastic boat

Send Chuck to Get It!
That’s how I got my fiberglass Nomad from Wisconsin to California.

I probably would not have bought it if he hadn’t been headed out that way

KAS is great
I would also recommend KAS. Steve has made 2 deliveries of NDK boats to us, and both times the kayaks were in great condition, and really well wrapped. The trailer is well padded, and made for specialized canoe and kayak tranpsort. Would not ship any other way!