Boat type

Hi, I’m looking for a boat that I can paddle single blade like a Canadian or an oc1 outrigger, but a design that is somewhere between the two. More sporty than a Canadian and not a fully open deck, but not as long or extreme as an oc1. Main use would be lake cruising. Anything come to mind?
Thanks, Phil.

A dedicated solo canoe with a cover. Sea canoes are decked but more open than kayaks. Sporty I do not understand… Do you want to do FreeStyle?

I have a Mad River Monarch a precursor to the Sea Wind… Its wonderful for big lakes and doable for small rivers with rudder up. Its paddled single blade. However I prefer my WildFire for FreeStyle manuevers… Requires kneeling.

Dedicated solos are usually 14-16 feet long and with sufficient rocker can be quite ( sporty)…Look at the Colden Dragon Fly… Its round bottomed…

Thanks. 14 to 16 is the max I can store and looking for something that has a bit of speed to it. Not an open Boat, more towards an OC or even SOT than Canadian, must be single blade paddle.

You can paddle anything single blade that is narrow enough
I do not understand your definition as a SOT is not like a C1
Speed is a function of length. 14 feet can’t be fast unless you have lot of extra energy to overcome the bow waves
1.55x square root of waterline length = hull speed
Placid Boatworks Shadow can be paddled over 7 mph. It can be single blades if you use a short bent
Also check out the Savage River line up. Blackwater and Falcon

Neither are wave friendly I’ve been told by owners and both longer than what you want.

Thanks again. By oc1 or sot I meant a totally or mostly closed deck, obviously very different boats. Perhaps if I said A 14 or 16 is fast enough for my needs as long as not too wide. Maybe the ideal would be a sot that is fairly narrow and can be single bladed if such a thing exists?

I don’t understand the fixation on singe blade. But you can single blade pretty much anything that can be double bladed. Sounds like the Kruger sea wind is what you are talking about…except the word canoe is often used when talking about them

I need to single blade due to shoulder problems. Thanks for your help I’m gonna look into narrower sot’s and see what I can find.

Did you actually look on my links? Or check the Sea Wind ( its pricey) or the Savage Rivers? Most SOT are too wide and too boxy for speed.

My Monarch is 28 inches wide…Fairly wide as its for ocean shoreline expeditions. The Placid Boatworks Shadow is a screamer at 21.5 inches wide. It is a canoe.

I don’t understand you yet. First you want a deck then you want an SOT. I am confused

Wenonah Canak maybe? Check their wesite.

A SOT is not a closed decked boat.
If you absolutely must have a decked boat the Wenonah Canak, as mentioned above, might be an option, or a Sea Canoe that was also mentioned above. The other option would be a canoe, with a spray deck. NorthWater and Cooke Custom Sewing and probably others make spray decks for canoes that might serve your purpose. You have stated why you must be able to single blade paddle, but why must it be decked? If you state what your concerns/issue/restrictions are maybe someone can steer you towards an appropriate boat type.

All canoes can have fabric decks
I’m just guessing that the OP is concerned with waves washing in
On a properly designed sea kindly hull as all David Yost designs are ( of course there are others) the waves are deflected down
Placid boats are just a few DY designs
And I haven’t used spray covers on Lake Superior or the Gulf of Mexico though I do have them and it may have been more prudent to use them

You might want to look at a Northstar Rob Roy:

You can use either a double blade or a short bend shaft with it.

Thanks all. Maybe i didnt detail my requirement sufficiently. I did look at the various boats suggested but nothing appealed. Will keep looking,