boat value

I am selling my first and only canoe, so I can buy a solo boat.

It is 2000 Mad River Explorer 16 Royalex with IQ System gunwales. I bought it about 4 years ago for $900 (with paddles, car top pads, Yakima straps, a few other extras).

It has its share of scrapes & dings but no gouges in skin. I have it listed for sale for $750.00. Does that seem a fair price to ya’ll?

thanks for your input


Just for the sake…

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You paid $900.00 for a package deal, which included paddles, straps, and pads.

The canoe is a 2000 model; so no matter when you bought it; it's a 12 years old, and has seen some usage. Those are NOT exactly positive selling points.

Are you throwing in the gear(paddles/pads/straps)?
If NOT, perhaps you should start by subtracting a guesstimate of the value of that gear from your asking price.

Some use 60% of the original selling price as a starting point for a used canoe. Sixty percent of your original buying price of $900.00 is $540.00, less gear cost, if it's not thrown into the deal.
If it was a highly sought after model, in great condition, and you threw in some quality gear as boot; of course you could expect to get more.

My opinion: Back to the drawing board; your asking price is overly optimistic.


P.S. I am also of the opinion that the boat having the IQ system gunwales is not necessarily a positive selling point.Do you have some IQ system accoutrements you're throwing into the deal at no extra charge. Adding IQ accoutrements will only add cost to the price of the boat for the buyer. Analogy: Your boat has a lace kit for air bags, but no air bags.

thanks Bob

thanks for the reply. I’ve lurked here for several years and respect your comments and experience. I know the IQ goes on the negative side. Don’t care for it much myself.

Thinking may be better to just hang on to this boat, it has been a good craft for where I go on Ozark creeks and rivers with my son. Maybe replace the gunwales some day (I have installed a “regular” wood/ webbing seat in rear).

Again thanks for your reply.

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ask Bob if that’s what he’d sell it for
I don’t think it would $540 :slight_smile:

Personally, I don’t think your price is out of the ball park. This is the right time of year to be selling a boat. A lot of it depends on your location. How much money and water is there around?

Sounds to me…

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Sounds to me like hanging onto the canoe might be a good idea; especially if your son likes to go paddling with you on occasion. The solo would be fun to have, and useful on those occasions when son doesn't want to go paddling.

Paid for canoes don't eat much, and they don't take up much storage space; unless you have a mini fleet of them like some people I know. :^)

Good luck,

P.S. Clarion
NO, I'd probably not sell it for $540.00, but there is definitely wiggle room between
$540.00, and $750.00.
60% of original selling price is a "starting" point regarding price for some. Of more importance to me personally; the boat's age, it's condition, and whether or not it is a sought after model that I'm interested in owning.

i don’t
think it unreasonable either, but even though there is lots of water close by - this isn’t a money area. And what I’ve seen some Grummans go for - i still think it is a good price for a Royalex boat that has been stored inside.

I know I could not replace it for that price. So I think I will just hang on to it. And save my pennies for a solo.

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thanks for the input friends
now back to lurking :slight_smile:


IMO the Bobs math is off just this one

Sixty percent of new price is fair for a used boat. But the OP got the boat four years ago used already. Surely the depreciation curve is steeper at the start of the lifetime of a boat.

That said there is somewhere in between $540 and $750 that seems right…probably closer to six hundred. At a certain point kind of like old cars is it more advantageous to keep or get rid of it?

crazy people!
I have to say I agree with Bob, A 12-year old boat in even near perfect condition is worth no more then 60% of a new boat’s cost today;

but thats just what I think!

60 percent of new was not suggested
… 60 percent of USED was

for arguments sakes
In 07/08 when I bought the boat I was told it was a 2000 model and since it was in such good condition I didn’t verify as it didn’t matter to me.

Now while looking at MR archived catalogs it appears they did not come out with the IQ system until 03 or 04. Which would make the boat only 8-9 years old( not that it makes any difference) I will have to check the serial number and find out how old it really is!

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you could always list the boat for 750, or best offer

and see wht happens - you’d want to have a low limit you’d let the boat go for or keep it.

a different way to look at things - for $750, what are the alternatives being offered in your area

is your boat a close comparable ? much better ?

or a much lesser boat than the others at that price ?

Boat selling/buying…
Bottom line…

The seller wants to get as much as they can when they sell a boat.

The buyer wants to pay as little as they can when they buy a boat.

If both of those people are happy when the deal is done; the amount paid or received is what “that” boat was worth.

One thing I’m absolutely positive about; 100 years from now, nobody will give a damn how it all played out!



I agree with Bob…
Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay you! (I bought my new boat for 50% of msrp.) I wouldn’t give you what you’re asking…but if someone does…good for you.

And…no one will care…until someone feels that they paid too much…and the new word “canoe rage” is used by your local news people.

I watch craigs list a lot via A good place to assess the market. I would consider about 50% of the current new price plus about 10% to bargain away.