Boat Volumes

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I am always on the lookout for my next boat and hope to move up into the touring class once my skills improve. I want a reasonable amount of length, but for easy storage in my basement would prefer a length under 16 to 16.5 ft so I am looking for a good "compromise" boat.

I am 6"1" and 205 (size 12 feet) and am enjoying learning the sport in a Necky Manitou. After doing a reasonable amount of window shopping, I have my eye on a Squamish HV by Current Designs. The HV volume is listed as 11.09 cu ft or 314 liters (thank you CD for providing those stats on your boats!) Obviously I will test paddle and speak with a dealer before the (great) day comes, but I would love to be able to compare that volume with boats I have been in to see how appropriate the Squamish HV is for me and up to 50 pounds of cargo.

Sea Kayaker did a review of the Squamish in 2003, but this was not the HV version. My questions to my fellow kayakers are:
1) Anyone around my size have experience with a Squamish HV (there is someone close but not quite in the review section) ?
2) Does anyone know of a site where boat volumes are listed? Is there a better way to window shop for size appropriate kayaks?

One thing to consider is that you can’t always compare two kayaks by volume,some of the volume measured might be totally above the sheer and into the deck while another might have most of the volume in the hull. You might compare a Gulfstream next to a Squamish HV and see which one feels better.

Ditto… LeeG
I am a little smaller than you and have tried both. I thought a lot of the HV Squamish but with the weight you want to carry the Gulfstream should paddle a bit better… If you have the room you might be happier not compromising… GH

I like this advice
a lot!

Big foot
I am 6’ 2" 185 with size 11 feet. I fit the Gulfstream just a little tight in the peg area for length … deck heigth OK. Whatever you decide … decide your footwear first and bring it with you when demoing. I just ordered a pair of Teva Onium Pros ($40 REI special order) to supplement my other Teva water sneaks. There are lots of options with scuba booties as well. Bob

As long as you are looking at CD give the Caribou a try. 320 ltrs.

Thanks to everyone for their advice!