Boat you regret getting rid of

I’ll let you know when I get rid of one :wink:


2006 Valley Aquanaut LV with a custom bulkhead. It’s still a great 17’ all-round sea kayak, but I feel that Valley didn’t put a lot of marketing behind it at the time. I sold it to a close friend and paddling mentor so I do get to see it on roughly and annual basis.

Bought a 17’ Wenonah Sundowner shortly after getting married in the early 90’s, it served us well for 8 years of paddling and camping until…the kids came. Sold it, took a 20 year break from canoeing till this year when I found an 18’ Wenonah Sundowner. Both were/are in “Tuffweave” so heavy. But fast hulls with excellent capacity for Macro camping.
I rued selling the 17’ Wenonah for years, but have high hopes for this 18.

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My first and only kayak, a CD Gulfstream about 12 years ago. My wife and I paddled frequently, tired of renting and bought our own boats. I spent a fair amount of time test paddling at The Small Boat Shop in CT and settled on the GS as suitable for my long legs. Lots of cool day paddles and a couple of vacations where we brought the boats.

Then kids came and we didn’t see ourselves on the water for awhile and the boats were just taking up space. Sold them to someone who would enjoy them. Now, years later, my interest is peeked again…I want to paddle, join a club, take lessons. All that is very difficult without your own boat.

I regret selling it. And also don’t regret getting it out of my yard to someone who actually put it to good use while we raised our kids to the point where they could either join us or be left alone while we go out. I

P&H Sirius low volume

The one canoe I wish I still had was a kevlar Sawyer Charger from 1978. It was big, fast and deep. It was a great load carrier, but it finally started to fall apart.

I still have a wood and canvas OT Guide 18 which is currently under repair. I have had it for almost 30 years. Eventually I will sell it, but it will be a sad day. It has been down rivers all over the West.

I miss my Hemlock Peregrine solo canoe enough that I expect to get another one before long. Peregrine is such a great fit to my paddling needs.

The Sirius S was the best rough water boat I’ve ever owned!

Yup. That’s why I regret selling it. My Explorer is a great rough water boat too but the Sirius felt better in the rough.

Should have kept the Old Town Loon 138 but wife said I have too many toys. Didn’t think to say need it to take boatless people out fishing with me. Had it for 19 years lots of memories.


First good kayak was a Wilderness Systems Sealution. Paddled the Gulf, bayous, and took many camping trips down various rivers here on the panhandle of Florida, Just a good performing boat that I wish I still had.

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Great for long trips.