Boating NorCal rivers, anyone?

The Feather has been running as high as 118,000 CFS as the water department is desperately trying to lower the level of Oroville Reservoir in the face of a crumbling main spillway and emergency spillway. The Sacramento is at flood stage in places. You could warm up by running the pipsqueak Grand Canyon at 20,000 CFS.

The good news is that California’s five year drought seems to be broken.

Run the rivers? Nah, think I’d just stick with the spillways :wink:

well now I know what a spillway is. I lived in Sacto and never knew there was a dam near there.

I was biking across the Golden Gate Bridge last week and saw something interesting with the red buoy channel marker that was just off the south tower.

For scale, here is a picture of the buoy from the eater on a calm day. Comparing to the kayaks and boats, it has to be at least 10 feet tall.

Here is a Youtube video of what I saw happening that day:

Was a spring tide (nothing to do with season - this are the stronger tides that occur during new or full moons) and close to max ebb (calculated to be 5.3 knots). The added water from the rain and rivers must have added a knot or two to the current, and was causing the buoy to get dragged under.