Boats I should try?

I am looking to get a 17’ touring kayak most likely plastic. I am 6’3" 190lb.s and size 12 feet. I will be using the boat for some short workout sessions but I want to eventually do weekend and longer trips up to a week or so. I would like some ideas on boats to demo given my size and use of said boats.

Boats to try
Look at the Eddyline Nighthawk 17.5. Lots of room for a larger person, but a lot of boat for a beginner.

in plastic
are the Valley Avocet, Nordkapp and Aquanaut. P&H have Capella’s. My 13’s fit into all as does my 6-2 ish frame. Also consider Current Designs Sirroco.

All very capable craft with great features and value for money that your skills will not out grow. Many show up here used and at outfitters as they retire demo/rental fleets.

WS Tempest
Probably the 170 for your size.

QCC 500X

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It is hard to find someone who has one but it is worth a look. Not plastic though.

If you want a work out
you won’t get it in a 17 foot boat unless you are going to circumnavigate the globe.

If you want a work out get something like a WS Pungo 120 or 140.

I have a 6’4" 220+lb friend who paddles the 120 and did a 3 day 115 mile self sufficient trip with me.

Either Pungo will give you a work if that is what you really want.

Current Designs make several boats that would be suitable for you. get them to send you a catalog or better yet, visit a C D dealer. Vaughn Fulton

You can paddle hard in any boat.
Some just go faster in the process.

used fiberglass!
For the same price as a new plastic kayak, you can often find a used fiberglass or even kevlar boat on craigslist or the classified ads here. It’s worth looking! WS tempest 170 makes a lot of guys your size pretty happy.

I agree
You can get some really nice boats in fiberglass or even Kevlar that are used but have nothing but normal or cosmetic wear. It is the really smart way to go.

Looksha V Poly…
never tried one, but it seems like just what your looking for. Its 17’4" long, 24" wide, and can hold alot of gear.


You may also want to look at a Prijon Kodiak.

Perception Eclipse
a great boat.

Look in the “classified ads” here. You might be able to pick up a older used one on a good deal.