Boats on cars - let’s see ‘em!

This is what happens when a kayak guy decides he needs a fishing boat…in December. :smile: At least I can use a 2-bladed paddle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m really looking forward to it; went this route over a typical fishing kayak due to the weight. Going to be a pretty big change from my other boats. Pardon the less-than-ideal hauling technique…the boat was calling and I had go. :upside_down_face:

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When a deal happens, you have to take action! Well done on taking action and hauling your new vessel home.

As you alude to, that is not a recommended long term hauling technique.

No problem with a bed extender.


That’s probably the way I’ll go. Quick and easy is the name of the game on this one. I have roof racks for the truck, and the kayak trailer I built several years back, but I want my fishing rig to be quick.

Gratuitous pic to keep the thread on track:


they did ruin it. Should have started with a base 2002. The tii was a sweet car. Never drove one, just admired them.

Hornbeck canoe ( 15 lbs) at Katie’s Landing State Park, Florida.


Rock Springs Run?

No, this is the Wekiva River. But that canoe has been on Rock Springs Run many times.

Clear Fork Trinity River this afternoon

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Matching Bell Yellowstone Solos (and a kayak) on the shuttle yesterday

Matching Bell Yellowstone Solos (and Paul's kayak)