Boats on cars - let’s see ‘em!

This version also has the quick releases on the V’s - definitely a handy feature.

I wish, but I have an old EZ-Vee without quick release. The truth is, I leave it assembled and just detach the whole thing, since I had to design my own system to attach it to Yakima aero bars (no room for U-bolts).

I went with the modular set as I carry canoes as well so need to swap out the V ends sometimes

In talking with curt(?), he used a different thickness stock of square tube for the straight V set up which may not accept different end pieces, so if it’s not set up as modular from the start, it may not work with replacement ends… The first set I had wouldn’t accept the accessory pieces so returned them. The next set had quick releases, esp important in the salty roadways up here

Depending on the distance between your roof and roof rack, the Goodboy can sometimes be mounted under the bars. I’ve used mine this way on a couple different vehicles for many miles:


My current setup. Went from a van, briefly to a Hyindai Santa Fe and then to the Yaris. Looks odd, but works really well. I like the fact that with rear seat down, I can reach the entire cargo area from either the hatch or rear doors. No reaching required.
Easier to load, but with my short height I still need an assist system.
Not pictured, but on the other side I have a V-rack for either a second kayak or surfski.
The only downside is that I need to duck down a bit getting in and out of the driver’s seat no to hit my head.