Boats with spring loaded skegs?

Besides QCC - what other companies use spring loaded skeg systems?

NDK- Valley- Riot
if you count shock cords as springs.



for efficiency
lowering the blade below the point when the case becomes open behind the blade creates turbulence and added weight in the slot, i realize i’m talking about a very minor reduction in efficiency. i guess in rough water imperceptible. some systems with triangular blades try to avoid the problem by keeping the case filled with blade even when the blade is fully immersed. the blade weighs more but theres less turbulence in the case.

I suppose…
My QCC/SealLine blade skeg loses in this way as the blade is narrow and exposes a lot of slot even at 1/2 deployment. On the other hand, the foil blade is super efficient. Should balance it out.

good point about foil
i’m trying to decide about a case and skeg for my new boat, gotta decide soon cause the deck is almost ready to be glued on. i noticed your case also does not extend to the deck, takes up a lot less room because of the narrow blade : )

Sealine makes sense
the perception Avatar skeg that has a wrapped bungie immersed in water becomes useless after awhile.