Bob Foote

Any one know where I can track down a old Bob Foote canoe pedestal or two?

Mike yea
I thought he recommend using Mike Yea Outfitting. Is there something special about the pedestal in his earlier boats?

which one
Bob sold a rotomolded plastic Grand Canyon saddle and later a minicell foam saddle with a similar wedge configuration. He may also have sold a different shaped minicell saddle later.

Because of the size and shape, shipping costs for the rotomolded plastic saddle are quite high.

I invented a sophisticated foam pedestal
in 1973. Unfortunately I had no instinct for marketing or production.

Foote’s a great paddler, but is there something special about his pedestals? One individualizes a pedestal out of a stack of foam. As with Michaelangelo, just carve away what isn’t the pedestal you want.

You mean this saddle?

Grand Canyon saddle
That is the Grand Canyon saddle, which I modified slightly to make a wider seating surface. The saddle was effective, but heavy and could not be cut down, although the minicell side blocks could be shaped some.

Bob later sold a minicell version with a similar wedge shape.

Foote in the early 80’s . . .
. . . when I paddled with him several times in northern California, had a homemade foam version with the front wedge holding an ammo box and two water bottles. He later commercialized his concept as the Grand Canyon Saddle.

I liked the Perception Saddle better.

Hated it!
I bought an Encore with that hard plastic saddle a few years ago. It was atrociously uncomfortable.

Maybe ask Bob?
While I don’t think he has any, although I haven’t asked him, you could write him an email and ask.

Just a thought.

See you on the water,


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figure out the shape then just buy a

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block, carve and repeat twice...but best to, at first, go big in height and estimated size of your butt;-) Fwiw...that thin, softer foam(that Kayak Outfitting has) is great for a top layer.