Bob Special for me?

Looking for info on the Novacraft Bob Special. I was orginally looking for a dedicated solo boat but with two toddler paddling partners I am rethinking the process. Primary use would still be solo (solo fishing) but also taking the kiddos out. I am thinking this size boat would fill in the gap until the kids are bigger and I can pick up a larger tandem and a dedicated solo.

Thanks for your advice…

doesn’t sound like you need advice
I’d say you have it pretty well figured out.

The kids grow fast though, so you might be money ahead buying a tandem and paddling it solo when you are alone.

great boat
The Bob Special is one of my all-time favorite solo/tandem boats. I spent a lot of time in one with two young children. It was a lot of fun. I wish I still had it.

You might want to consider a Novacraft Pal. I paddled the Bob and ended up buying a Pal. The Pal is narrower and I found it easier to paddle solo. It’s also faster/easier to paddle solo and tandem. It weighs about the same,1’ longer,and is ,I belive near the same price.I have had my Pal for 3 years and am well satisfied solo,stable with grandchildren,and a good general use adult tandem.