bobcats eating your catch

well, it is late, so i will make this the quick version… was paddling till just after dark, got back to the ole ford with 3 bass about 10lbs worth, not quite but close, i walk up to the ride to deposit my belongings and hear some niose and splashing by the river, where i left my fish tied up next to my canoe, and what do I see, but a big, and i mean big, bobcat having my fish for dinner! I made noise, threw rocks, etc etc, only to piss him off… so i sat back and watched him devour my dinner, as long as i stayed about 20" away, he didn’t mind me enjoying the show, just wish he woulda left me one…what a night, I really need to invest in a camera that is worth a s#!! it was a pretty cool sight…

Bet that was cool.
Normally I’m a catch & release kind of guy, but if I knew that I could get that show I’d be tempted to keep a couple.

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it was
very cool onece i new he was only interested in my catch :wink: he didn’t even mind me watching as long as i kept a distance, when he was finished he just walked off like it was a typical day…

I usually catch and release too, only keep a couple 2-3 lb fish onece a month or so, throw the bigger ones back to catch again, and the little ones to reproduce and get bigger. Much less than 2 lbs not enough meat to warrant takeing the fishes life, and too much bigger than 3 and i don’t think the meat is as good, but not much beats fresh fish, and always cook the same day or next at the latest

I do the same sometimes. It depends greatly on the water too. Some water can’t handle any harvest, but some water requires it. I tend to follow the state biologist’s recommendations as I have little understanding of how to know when to do which beyond what I’ve just said.

Seems like the general rule for me is that I keep from brackish or salt and C&R in fresh. Just works out that way. It’s not a conspiracy against salty fish.

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the Bob was probably watching …

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....... you out there for awhile and pondering how he could have your fish . When you showed up at shore and walked away , he saw his chance .

Bet you could repeat the same event at the same time and place ... but this time have a video camera and tripod ready .

Who knows , you two could become great buddies ... him waiting for you and you bringing him dinner (on film of course) .

ed: ... fixed my prior poor spelling of "diner" above

Yep, though I would have two stringers…
One for the Bobcat, and one for dinner…


yeah, he may come back another time, it was only my 3rd time launching there… next time I will be better prepared, I have been saveing for a good camera… if you all have any suggestions on that it would be appreciated as reviews on line are sporatic in that there are almost as many bad as good for any one camera…

I should have known something was up when i got back and all the pigeons under the bridge and other birds etc around the launch where dead quiet… LOL he prob will go back tonight, but i will be hiking down with the dogs and fishing on the other side of the lake tonight :wink: ha!