Boca Raton, Fl help

I have a business trip March 22-24 in Boca Raton. In the slim chance that I can escape from evening meetings and dinners, any ideas on the closest flat water livery?


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In Boca itself the choices are not many. You could paddle the Boca Rio Canal, launching from Pioneer Park in Deerfield Beach to Florida Atlantic University and back would be 7 miles, also the Intracoastal by Lake Boca Raton, careful with boat traffic. You are welcome to use one of my two boats, probably the Q700 as the Isthmus could be a handful for someone not used to it.


If it works out
and I can take the time off, your offer would be very appreciated.

I noticed that your skill level is intermediate, I’m just a flatwater novice (2 years canoe, 1 year recreational kayak).

If you really want to bum around with a novice, (and I can escape from the office), please email me, using the email response button. Thanks.


People To See
Check out They run a pretty good livery out of West Palm Beac. Used them 3 winters ago for a paddling class and really enjoyed (hurting knee and all).

Stay safe on the water,

Cal (as in Carolina)

out of their shop in North Palm BEach, from whence you can paddle upriver and see subirban Palm Beach County, and then go north and make it out to Lake Worth (a saltwater inlet, actially). You can go downriver, and make it out to Lake Worth THAT way as well, and once there, paddle over to either Peanut Island or Munyun Island, a public accessible-by-water only park. Or you can go to their Lake Worth waterfront store and paddle from there.

There are a few other shops in the general area, but that one may be the closest. Google up SOuth Florida kayak shops, etc., or check here on the “dealers”, “trips/outfitters”, etc. links as well.

You might want to contact South Florida Paddlers or the Paddlewheelers (again, google them for URLs), who may be able to hook you up with a trip or a boat, as you thaw out and warm up -and, HOPEFULLY do NOT blow away in our stiff March winds as you

Paddle on!

-Frank in Miami

Also try:
Colleen at:

Trips, rentals, etc.

and Susan at:

Shop in Pompano, also with rentals, etc.

They are a both in Pompano/Lauderdale area. Closer than W Palm. Lot’s of nice quiet paddling spots just south of Boca. Collen can probably get you on the Middle River around Wilton Manors - 6.75 mile winding loop - largely residential - but a very calm area as it only has small motor craft due to low bridges. You can also paddle Cypress Creek (more of a canal really) directly from Susan’s shop. Zero boats. Neither is the most beautiful or exciting paddle - and I’m sure they can recommend others depending on your schedule - but for a little exercise and fresh air both would work.