Body Pod Fizz

Yes, Fizz not whiz.

Yesterday decieded to find a miniscule seep in the leg of my Stohquist Body Pod drysuit. In the past with other drysuits I’ve done the fill up with air and submerge routine like finding a leak in a bike innertube. Due to the vapor permeability of the Eclipse fabric the result was as if I was looking down on a super size glass of seltzer as the air under pressure positive fizzed out from all over the garment. No water went in but certainly couldn’t find the seep that way. After the suit drys out I’ll do the opposite and fill the legs with water while the suit is on a slight slope and look for the seep but I certainly didn’t expect the fabric to be THAT breathable.

Thank you P-Net for your assistance in my procrastination of Monday morning paperwork.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Good luck. With the new breathable fabrics, pinholes in the membrane can be a real pain to localize. The inner layer is specifically designed to spread out any liquid to maximize surface area on the membrane.


There is an old trick with breathable fishing waders that might or might not work with breathable drysuits. Wet the outside surface in the area of the leak with rubbing alcohol (a mist bottle works well). You will see the leaks as dark spots on the inside. Look quickly before the alcohol evaporates. The other way is to go into a dark room with a flashlight. Run the flashlight over the inside of the fabric and look for bright lights on the outside. Pin holes stand out nicely this way.