Bog River Flow Grassy Pond to High Falls

Is there a trail from one of the campsites on grassy pond over to high falls.

We are heading there this summer and wanted to do some hiking but not the full portage …any ideas…

Grassy Pond-High Falls by foot
Well, sort of …(This may come under the heading “be careful what you ask for”)

From the old logging rd that skirts the N&E shores of Grassy & gives access to it’s campsites, a blue marked trail head N Approx 3.25m to Chair Rock Flow on Cranberry L. One can then follow an unmarked but distinct trail W to intersect the trail from Cranberry’s West Flow heading S. Follow this to just past Cowhorn Pond (Cowhorn jct is no longer)then W past Glasby Pond to Sand Hill jct. Now S again to High falls loop trail. A .5m spur from it yields High Falls. This entire rte is approx 17m. one way.

It would be a whole lot easier to just do the 3m. carry past Big Deer to the Oswegatchie to access High Falls

Taht idea sends shivers up my spine!

High Falls
Truly you are right. It is enough to make it to High Falls from there doing the portage, but having looked at it on a map, and reading your account as well, one would do better hiking in from Wanakena.