Bog River Flow observations

observations from this weekend:

the carry between Hitchins Pond and upper dam was dramatically shortened going home, by paddling down the creek much of the way.

the floating bog above the upper dam was easily paddled, given current water levels

the parking lot at the lower dam put-in dramatically smells bad, assumed to be lack of an outhouse and an abundance of human waste

the parking lot itself stinks of course, given the high volume of use and limited parking spots

loons are on their nests and paddlers can get very close, threatening the egg hatching. Please keep your distance from nesting loons while there!

perhaps due to wind, but the black fly season seems over with not one noticed.

One float plane landed and docked at a cabin. Several motorboats with bass fishermen. Not sure how they get in there.


We were there 2 weeks ago, not a single black fly anywhere. The only bugs the entire weekend were swarms of very hungry mosquitoes in the grass at the put-in parking lot. Didn’t notice smell.

We always use the stream outlet & paddle up close to the dam to carry around. Saves quite a bit of time. Saw no float planes or motorboats, nor any other sign of life for 3 days. Was it busy while you were there? I desperately want to go back, next time to carry through to Oswegatchie and on to Inlet.

It was not busy since the scout camp was not in attendance, minimal paddlers were there, many sites were vacant, a few bass fishing parties, etc. June is probably a great time before the July/August influx.

Outhouse hidden from view
on west side of road north of parking area,why signage is not in place is a mystery, drove past it three times before i saw it.