Bog River Flow paddling mileage

-- Last Updated: Jun-16-04 7:25 PM EST --

I've checked the archives and several guidebooks but can't seem to find the rough paddling mileage from the put-in at the upper dam to Grass Pond (one-way). This assumes a straight paddle on Lows lake without pennisula or island hopping. Any info appreciated.



– Last Updated: Jun-17-04 3:55 AM EST –

It's 3 miles from put-in to portage around dam, another 9 to the northenmost site on Grass Pond. It took my wife and me 3 hours to paddle from site 27 to our car this past weekend, another half hour or so paddle into Grass Pond from that site.

travel time on Low’s Lake
Glen L’s post on the Low’s Lake Oswegatchie Cranberry Low’s loop indicated he paddled from the put-in at the lower dam to the take out at the west end of Low’s in 2:35. Thats a very fast race pace, but two hours in a good rec boat from the upper dam to Grass Pond Bay would not be a strain. Have done it with Gearwoman from the lower dam to past Sabattis and Pole Island in two hours, and the addition distance to the end of Grass Pond Bay would be less than the distance from the lower dam to the upper dam carry.